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Thank You! Monthly Report to the Parish

Members of Saint Vincent de Paul would like to express our gratitude for your generosity to our mission of helping our struggling neighbors.

Neil Diamond once wrote a wonderful song, “A Bridge Over Troubled Waters.” Recently our St. Vincent DePaul volunteers were able to provide “bridge” help to two very different families in dire need…

We are used to providing emergency help with expenses for utilities, rent, and food. But sometimes requests for help are quite critical in terms of timing; for example, two recent cases in our parish area of a mother with eight children living in a van and a mother, baby and two small children in need of a permanent place to live.

We were able to help with a couple days of motel rent to tide the large van family over until they could move into Section 8 Housing– a real blessing for a family of this size. And the mother with small children needed a few motel days for her extensive search for a permanent place to stay. We are hoping her calls to Catholic Community Services and other agencies will help provide the best answer.

This “bridge” help is giving much needed relief and comfort in both cases. And both families were most appreciative of this assistance provided by St. George Conference of St. Vincent DePaul.

In support of our outreach, we are asking that you help us with a monthly donation on the 2nd Sunday of the month.

Catholic Relief Services Collection

Next Week, our parish will take up the Collection Relief Services Collection. This collection supports six Catholic agencies that touch more than 100 million lives around the world. The funds form this collection help provide food to the hungry, support to displaced refugees, and Christ love and respect to all people. Next week, please give generously to the Catholic Relief Services Collection and help Jesus in disguise.

Penance Services

Penance Services

Monday, March 10th 7:00pm at St. George

Sunday, March 15th 3:00pm at St. Paul

Tuesday, March 24th 7:00pm at St. Edward