Mass App available now to download!


At St. George Parish we are pursuing new opportunities to foster a stronger parish life and better engage the New Evangelization. As a part of these efforts we are happy to announce that St. George Parish now has it’s own app for Apple and Android phones.

Our new app will allow us to send you useful and important messages throughout the week regarding our parish life and events, and allow you to reply to messages or RSVP for events.

There will be no need for parishioners with smart phones to remember to silence their phones before Mass. The app will send you a reminder to silence your phone 20 minutes before the Mass you select. Many more great features will be a help to all of us, such as, daily Mass readings, Catholic news, prayers and prayer reminders, quick access to online tithing, Confession reminders, and our weekly bulletin.

So, be sure to download the app after Mass today by visiting myparishapp.com or searching for myparish on your phone’s app store, and stay connected with us all week long.

Saint Vincent de Paul Story

We visited a young mother and child who just moved into her first apartment in two years. She was so delighted when I showed up with many bags of items purchased to help her with her new home. Her eyes just showed so much appreciation. I explained the beginnings of Saint Vincent de Paul Society to her and her mother who was helping her with the move. They were amazed how long our society has been helping people all around the world. The grandmother asked me many questions and was so happy about all the help we were able to provide.

I began empting the bags with linen, dishes, pots and pans, and a tea kettle. She was so happy to see the tea kettle with tea and all the food donated by our school children. As we set up her bed, her eyes became moist with tears. A bed of her own! Her three month slept peacefully as we set up her apartment.

An elderly lady donated some of her mother’s old cake plates to me a few weeks ago. I gave them to her and told her I’m sure the lady would be pleased to have helped her with future tea parties. She just giggled!

Saint Vincent de Paul tells us we can see Jesus in the face of the poor. I certainly saw the face of Jesus in this young family.


We are making progress with our choir at 8:15 Mass, and are blessed to have three parents of St George students who have joined us on Sunday mornings in singing all the music for Mass.  We also added children to the choir and in the future will encourage parents and kids to join.

All of us at the 8:15 Sunday Mass welcome you whether you help our choir or just join us for Mass remember we don’t need Pavarotti we need participation! We are still looking for more choir members.

Thank You Jacinta, Tupu, Vanessa and all the Kids (and Dads).